About the Author

Lawrence King

is a Pacific Northwest author, minister and inspirational speaker. You can find him on Sundays at the Center for Spiritual Living in Portland, Oregon where he is the senior minister and primary speaker. You can follow his inspirational talks on iTunes and Google Play.

As an author, he is taking the themes of H. P. Lovecraft to the next level in his “Misktatonic University” series of books and stories.

When asked about the relationship between his writings and his role as minister he has said:

“As a New Thought minister I uphold the positive nature of God and the inherent friendliness of the Universe. Heaven and hell only exist only as a creation of our own minds. As an author of so-called horror and suspense, I reaffirm this notion. Evil only exists as a reflection of our beliefs and the choices we make. When we make better choices, we will experience happiness and fulfillment.”

Lawrence King is a fourth generation Oregonian. He was raised with science fiction movies every Saturday morning and was chased out of the adult-horror section of the library more than once. He always has a stack of inspirational books (including science fiction and horror) on his bedside table along with a gratitude journal and his Kindle. He, his partner and two dogs live in Portland, Oregon when they’re not at the beach.